no$sns v1.6 released - emulator/debugger - 21 Mar 2016

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no$sns v1.6 released - emulator/debugger - 21 Mar 2016

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Just released no$sns v1.6 main news are:

SNES-CD emulates the Sony Super Disc CDROM prototype, works with the magicflr cd-version (the only existing cd game right now), and does also require the ROM image from the original BIOS cartridge.
Snapshots allows to store savestates in .sna files, might be useful for games that don't support sram-saving. I've tested the feature with some DSP, GSU, SA1, CX4 games, and it seems to work okay, but I've probably missed some situations where the games don't resume properly after loading snapshots...
Or worse: Maybe I've screwed up some mappers completely so that they don't work anymore even when not using the new snapshot stuff at all (for example, I did screw up the Z80 emulation when implementing snapshots, that problem is fixed, but might remain some othe unnoticec issues). Please let me know if any features stopped working in v1.6 !!!
Tracelog allows to log all CPU opcodes. Might be useful for debugging purposes, although it's easy to get lost in a log with one million opcodes. The logging can be enabled here: Window --> Debug Message Window --> Enable. Additionally, the Options --> Debug --> TTY Debug allows to select how much data is to be logged, and if the data should be overwritten when the log gets full.
ST018 emulates the japanese chess game with the ST018 (ARM CPU) coprocessor.

And, of course the newly emulated hardware is documented in the no$sns Help window, and also in the document.

PS. the no$sns webpage move from to

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21 Mar 2016 - no$sns v1.6
* snes-cd: emulates snes-cd (requires SFX-100.BIN bios rom-image in BIOS folder)
  (supports .iso 920h bytes/sector or single track .cue/.bin 800h bytes/sector)
  (supports .iso with xa-adpcm and cd-da, .iso is without toc/track info though)
* snes-cd: magic floor snes-cd version - first ever snes-cd game released ever
* snes-cd: logs mechacon commands in debug message window
* help: added complete sfx-100 snes-cd specs (io, memory, bios, discs, etc.)
* help: added nintendo power flashcart details (many thanks to skaman and sanni)
* snapshots: added snapshot (savestate) feature, should work with most mappers
* nss/help: added workaround for DSP1 issues (thanks DogP) and CIC notes
* nss/help: added several details and CN4/CN5 pinouts (thanks DogP)
* help: added note on 3D glasses for Jim Power (pulfrich; dark/clear glasses)
* help: added more X-Band details (sega-source-based io map, bios functions)
* st018/speedup: switches ARM to pseudo-halt-state when arm-mainloop has no data
* st018/cartloader: allocates ST018 memory and loads 160K ST018.BIN (128K+32K)
* st018/emu: emulates st018 memory/io, imported ARM cpu engine (from no$gba)
* st018/help: added ARM cpu specs, and more details on ST018 memory/io/cmd's
* st018/disass: added ARM disassembler, getpc/setpc, 32bit valatcur, etc.
* sound: fixed max_mixer_buf_siz for PAL games (needs bigger buffer than NTSC)
* debug: updates data window during run (eventually allows to view RAM changes)
* debug: added Alt+A animate to all no$xxx emus (repeated trace; as gmb/gba/psx)
* debug: tracelog (for main cpu and apu cpu) (enabled in debug message window)
* debug: tty window scrollbar thumb tweaked to support more than 32767 lines
* debug: tty window optional buffer limit (1/10/100MB, with/without wrapping)
* sa1: implemented pixel-buffer-reading (used by Super Mario RPG upon level-up)
* sa1: bugfixed 2bpp-bitmap-to-bitplane-conversion and 4bpp-pixel-buffer-write
* help: added nss cartridge pinouts (thanx to martfrizb and hyarion and dogp)
* help: DSPn/ST010/S-DD1 clock sources (thanx markfrizb/overload/byuu/s.central)
* help: fixed timings in memory map (exchanged 2.68 and 3.58MHz) (thanks doppel)
* help: added notes on using ntsc-controllers on pal-consoles (pinouts chapter)
* gui: setup uses asia-compatible TabControl instead of unreliable PropertySheet
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