WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

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WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by JAC! »

2013-09-17 WUDSN IDE update 1.6.4 released
I've' had a good time at this year's Fujiama Party again and had the possibility to present WUDSN IDE to a lot of people. All of them are now happy "customers" with an environment where they can play around with assembler so easily. When I installed the previous version of the IDE, I found a bug in recent versions of Eclipse which is due to an incompatible change "plugin.xml" file handling. The bug causes the toolbar button to be invisible and locks up the "Customize Perspective" dialog. Therefore I decided to release a new version which contains all the fixes and round offs I have implemented in the past 12 months.

  • Auto completion for ".PROC" now adds "RTS" before ".ENDP" in MADS
  • Auto completion for ".LOCAL" now adds ".ENDL" in MADS
  • Clicking on the link to a non existent file now asks for creating the file. This simplifies creation of includes during refactoring. 
  • Error message assignment to include files now normalizes the file separator before comparison, making it more robust in case of compiler bugs (e.g. MADS 1.9.4)
Emulators Installation
  • Screen shots and descriptions updated to reflect the lasted version
  • How do I compile into ROM images? added
  • How do I compile into disk images? added
  • How to run a makefile script instead of an emulator? updated
  • Section "Further information on assembler programming" added to the installation section of the IDE. The new section contains links to readily formatted source code includes and examples.
  • The toolbar icons now work correctly with newer Eclipse versions
  • Atari 8-bit Graphics 12 Converter works again
  • Graphics editor now properly closes input stream for image files
  • Empty selection and too large number no longer lead to exceptions when opening the context menu for "Convert..."
  • Pressing refresh in the graphics converter now always updates the image pane correctly and not only if the size has changed
  • Inline repeats like ":64" in MADS are no longer detected as labels
  • Hex Editor now correctly detects erroneous COM files in case the segment length exceeds the file length (by one)
  • Disk images (for Apple II) are now updated also if only "Compile" instead of "Compile and Run" is used
  • Apple Commander integration is now part of the installation, as it should have been with 1.6.3
  • The HELLO program generated for the auto-start disk images of Apple II now displays a title and uses "BLOAD/CALL" instead of "BRUN" because of this bug in Apple DOS10 PRINT "Loading <title>" : PRINT CHR$(4);"BRUN WORLD" : CALL <address>
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by thefox »

Your website is broken on Firefox 23.0.1:
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by snarfblam »

Works fine for me with 23.0.1 in Win 8.

Works fine for me in 23.0.1 in Win 8 with scripts from facebook.com blocked.
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by Sanchezman »

A neat IDE!

The only thing that bothers me is this:

I like to have my .nes output files go into a subfolder of the source file's folder called /nes/ .

I wanted to tell the compiler to output to this subfolder, but none of the radio buttons found in windows->preferences->assembler->NES Compilers that related to the output file really applied. I changed the compile parameters to:

Code: Select all

${sourceFilePath}  ${sourceFolderPath}\nes\${outputFileName}
But because the IDE only looks for the output in either the source folder, the temp folder, or a fixed folder, there is no way that it can find the output file once it compiles. It throws a "output file not created" error in the error log, because it is looking in the wrong folder for the output.

It would be nice if you could specify an output path that is relative to the source folder, and then I could avoid this problem.
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by JAC! »

Your website is broken on Firefox 23.0.1
Thanks for the hint. It's due to the facebook script timing. After some investigation with people how are more into web than 6502 I figured out that the best way it to completely rework the scripting stuff and have separate pages (phew). Until then blocking the facebook script will help.
It would be nice if you could specify an output path that is relative to the source folder, and then I could avoid this problem.
Yes that's already planned and now has one more vote :-) . I frequently have the same issue when I require different output file extensions (.com/.xex/.car/.bin) for my Atari stuff. In 1.6.0 I have added the feature that you can specify certain settings directly in the (main) source file via "@com.wudsn.ide.asm..." comments. I'll use the same for specifying the output folder/file name/extension and allow variables there also.

For the time being you can resort to the fixed folder, provided you don't have too many parallel projects (like I typically have - aaargh)
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by JAC! »


The web-site has been relaunched using Joomla, so it should work properly now also on mobile etc. IE for some not yet known reason requires "compatibility mode" yet.

The update which also allows specifying the output file properties (extension, name, folder) is about to be released.
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Re: WUDSN IDE: Free integrated 6502 IDE

Post by JAC! »

WUDSN IDE update 1.6.6 released

http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/109-wuds ... 6-released

I found that the graphics editor and hex editor are not as usable as they should be. So I decided to implement some improvements and fixes first. At the same time quite a number of Mac OS X users reported issues with installing Java 1.7 on their machines, making it difficult for them to use WUDSN IDE. Hence I invested quite some time in reworking the code, so it runs properly also with "good old" Java 1.6.

- This version can run with Java 1.6 (JRE/JDK), so also a vanilla OS X Snow Leopard (10.6), Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.9) and Mavericks (10.9) can run it out of the box.
- Improved handling of relative file paths in source and binary includes.

Graphics Editor:
- All buttons now have icons with tooltips.
- Enabling of input fields and change detection is consistent now.
- Typing into any file path of text field updates the dirty indicator immediately, so you see if there are unsaved changes.
- Toggling the "Shrink" and "Zoom" buttons updates image size correctly now.
- Line numbers have been added in the script editor.
- The line with the cursor is highlighted in the script editor.
- New default converter scripts for converting character sets have been added.
- Error messages in case of script errors have been improved and the cursor is positioned to the error location in the source.


Hex Editor:
- Performance when opening a file with the HexEditor improved by a factor of 10 to 20. Now a file with 1 MB is opened in far less than 1 second.
- Allowed maximum file size has been increased to 8 MB.
- ATR files with 256 bytes boot sectors are now handled correctly becasue they are rather common even though they violate the ATR specification
- ATR files created from single Atari COM files, so called "k-files", are now detected automatically. For them not only the sectors of the ATR are displayed, but also the segments of the contain Atari COM file are displayed in the outline and the editor.
- C64-PRG files are now detected automatically.

Besides these already official features, the @com.wudsn.ide... annotation for controlling the output files are also actually included now.
See http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/ide/feat ... nnotations for the details.

Best regards, Peter.
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