Give my game a try

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Give my game a try

Post by smkd »

My small thrust inspired game is mostly complete. Can't think of anything major to add to it at the moment, except for the horrible lack of a title. Five levels with a mostly introductory first level and a few additional enemies. It's not much on presentation or audio but I think it's reasonably playable. What do you think?

There was a randomly occurring bug (good god I hate these) where it would glitch on loading a strip of graphics in the level, but I think I've patched that up.

Thanks for reading
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Post by Celius »

Hey! Very cool. I like the style of graphics a lot. For a second I was actually wondering if the "ship" was rendered dynamically, but then I remembered it was NROM with CHR ROM and that would just be stupid to do that. But very smooth spinning animation. I couldn't get past level one though, haha!

Very cool, and will be great once sound is added. You will add sound, yes? And yeah, it needs a title screen. Once you have that, you pretty much have yourself a good game! Great job!
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Post by Banshaku »

Like you mentioned, the graphic may not be was stands out in this game but the game itself is nice. Feels like a finished product.

Good job. Quite a nice effort in a short amount of time.
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Post by Zepper »

Great work, a very interesting game. Looks like River Raid + Asteroids! :) Too bad my control isn't good, heh! ^_^;;
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Post by SecretServiceDude »

Sweet! Man, that's a challenging game. At least I passed the first stage. :D

I really like the drop shadow you use with your font. I may "borrow" that idea for my own game.
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Post by CKY-2K/Clay Man »

Wow this game is just great.

The big demo with a button display is just awesome.

This is like an adventure version of Asteroids.
It's fun and creative.
Here to at least get an idea of how the NES works. I mean I know alot of the basic things, but this place'll help me grasp more how NES functions.
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Post by Roth »

Very nice indeed! It takes me some time to be able to play these kind of 'thrust' games well, but what I've played so far was awesome! Very good job, and as Celius I think said, the graphic style is pretty cool hehe Nice job man!
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Post by albailey »

I like it, and I especially like the graphic style.
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Post by d4s »

Awesome, I just love these type of games.
This was really fun once I got the hang of it, wasn't able to beat all the levels, though.
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Post by dXtr »

very cool, really like the art style.
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Post by BMF54123 »

Friggin' awesome. The only problem I have is that the backgrounds flicker like mad when there's any movement (not sure if it's my monitor or what). Good thing I don't have epilepsy... :P
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Post by Bregalad »

And I thought Solar Jetman was hard...
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Post by Sivak »

Nice take on the Asteroids style of things.
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Post by MottZilla »

Nice game. I didn't get too far yet, but it's a nice concept. Good work.
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Post by strat »

It's pretty cool. A reverse thruster would be nice, tho'.
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