Nintesto 0.2 - Awesome New Test Cart!

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Nintesto 0.2 - Awesome New Test Cart!

Post by vindict6 »


Demo Video: ...

Attached is my NES test rom, made entirely from scratch. I have included the NES roms and the split CHAR and PROG roms. You can either implement them on a horizontally or vertically mirrored nrom cart depending on which folder you jump into. It tests the following:
  • Sprites/OAM
  • Audio (not the pcm channel)
  • Palette
  • Nametables
  • Buttons
  • Work Ram
I spent a lot of time making this rom look and function well. I hope this makes life easier for you and your repaired consoles! Cheers! ...

Special Thanks to my buddy Jake for letting me use his equipment for testing.
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Re: Nintesto 0.2 - Awesome New Test Cart!

Post by Fisher »

This seems awesome!
Thanks for sharing. :-)
Could you please make a UNROM version?
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Re: Nintesto 0.2 - Awesome New Test Cart!

Post by rainwarrior »

Seems nice. I definitely do need something to throw in to test my controller setup from time to time.

Could use a readme or note somewhere that explains that you hold select + start to begin a test, and select + direction to select a test.

How come it says 2017 on it?
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