Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Safe Hacks (More Wanted!)

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Photo-Sensitive Epilepsy Safe Hacks (More Wanted!)

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Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger NES (Super Sentai/ Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series)

No Full-Screen Flashes

This hack was created by Tetrahedrus at the request by Garrett Gilchrist, a friend of popular game reviewer Indie Gamer Chick (Cathy Vice), who has photo-sensitive epilepsy, but wanted to review the game.

All full-screen flashes have been removed to make the game easier to play by those affected by flashing lights; the removed flashes are as follows:

Attacking an enemy.
The Howling Cannon after beating a boss.
Getting all ten coins in a level and seeing the mecha.
Scoring/getting scored against in the pong minigame (screen shows a brief black background).
Having the bomb explode in the bomb-tossing minigame (screen is all white for a second, but no repeated flashing).
Flashing still occurs on a smaller scale in places such as attacking bosses or when the player is attacked, but only the sprite itself flashes, so hopefully those won’t impede enjoyment.

Included are two separate .IPS patches. The one whose filename ends in (JPN) should be applied to the original ROM with Japanese text. The patch ending in (ENG) should be used when applying to a ROM that has had the English patch by Grimm Translations ( already applied to it.

Tetrahedrus first began working on these NES hacks with no experience with using FCEU's debugging tools, but worked from what he knew.

Tetrahedrus wrote:

"It wasn't that hard to find the points (to edit out). I looked for suspicious RAM values (in the RAM search tool) to see where in the ROM data that RAM value is invoked. For tougher bits, like the flashing when attacking the final boss and after the boss is defeated, I think my best best is to use this data logger feature in FCEUX.

If I activate the data logger right before a flash and then deactivate it immediately after, I can save a stripped iNES ROM, where the only data contained is the code that got activated, so I can better isolate where in the code the flash occurred. It still leaves me with plenty of code to sift through, but I used it just now to figure out how to handle the final boss flashes."


Willow NES No Flash Hack

by JigglySaint

This is a hack that removes some of the bright flashing in the game. This allows the game to be better enjoyed by those who have sensitivity to bright flashing lights. Some other flashing animation is still in the game, but the ones that got the most complaints such as the death flash, the flash from splitting ghosts, and from using the Fleet Spell have all been eliminated. Death will still cause Willow to flash, and the screen will turn white, but the full screen flash will be gone.


Mega Man 2 - No Full-Screen Flashes Hack
An accessibility hack by Tetrahedrus

This hack has removed all full-screen flashes from Mega Man 2 for the NES. They are as follows:

-Stage select screen
-Flashing during boss fights (such as in the background like with Metal Man, when attacking certain bosses, and the flashing after beating certain bosses)
-The purple flashing when Dr. Light gives you special weapons
-The map of Dr. Wily's castle when progressing to the next stage
-The final cutscene, including the seasonal transitions

This hack was a request by Garrett Gilchrist (@GarrGilchrist) on behalf of Indie Gamer Chick (@IndieGamerChick) in their pursuit of hacking ROMs to be more accessible to those with epilepsy.


Zelda 2 Redux (ShadowOne333): reduced flashing during death ... ic=26001.0

If anyone would like to help us out and create further hacks of any game to be more friendly to those with photo-sensitive epilepsy, we'd be grateful.

I will post some ideas below.

I'm also curious about how viable it would be for an emulator (like Mesen) to detect and remove (or lessen) this sort of full-screen flashing, or an emulator script to do it.

Many triggers come from rapid writes to color 0 of the background palette (universal background color). This could be unchecked.

One thing that might work would be setting a minimum frame count for checking writes to that address, ignoring any further writes that land within that time window, and when no further writes are detected, apply the most recently attempted write only.

Perhaps it could be accomplished via a lua script?

There's further discussion of this here:



Cocoron - Flashing removed by NovaSquirrel.



Mega Man series generally - Flashing around bosses and Wily introductions
Magical Kids Doropie / The Krion Conquest - severe flashing introducing bosses.
Legend of Kage - Flashing in first level

Mitsume ga Tooru - last boss fight

Big Nose Freaks Out - Lightning storm, level 2
Firehawk - When you pick people up off the ground

Gold 13 Top Secret Episode- Shooting

Whomp Em / Saiyuuki World 2 - last boss

Bandai's Frankenstein NES starts with flashing, I wasn't sure how prevalent it is in actual gameplay.

Gradius 2 Boss Rush, late in game, is very flashy. ... 2662415362

Virtual console version fixes:
- Getting an end-of-boss item in Super Mario Bros. 3 no longer flashes orange and black, and only shows orange for that time.
- Game Over screen in Zelda 2 no longer flashes.
- Flash when firing in Duck Hunt is gone.



Earthbound MaternalBound Redux hack (ShadowOne333):
Implemented photosensitive reduction hacks made from subsequent releases of EarthBound (SNES Mini, Virtual Console) into MaternalBound, to make the experience the most seizure-safe possible


Known SNES issues:

Mega Man and Mega Man X series - Flashing around bosses etc?
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie - Flashing intro and morphing transformations
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Fighting Edition - General flashing during fights

Virtual console SNES fixes:
- Animals carrying flashlights in Donkey Kong Country series no longer flash the screen when turning around.
- Some magic spells in Super Mario RPG are dimmed or no longer flash the screen.
- At the end of Contra 3, the white flashes of explosions when leaving the crater are dimmed.
- PSI with flashes in Earthbound are very dimmed/washed out.

Neo Geo games had tweaks on Virtual Console. One or two of the releases of Metal Slug had hitflashes completely removed.

Mario Kart 64's lightning item also has a new visual effect on VC.

Bonus - Pokémon anime: Dennō Senshi Porygon Reedit ... 0130652847
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