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Altercation is a game based on some elements of Combat and Asteroids. The player controls a tank that when hit splits into smaller tanks, all controlled by the same input. Smaller tanks of the same size can merge again. Tiny tanks are fast and harder to hit, and better for stealth maneuvers, but more challenging to control. Large tanks are slower and an easier target, but merging reduces your total number of simultaneous bullets but raises your total HP.

Thanks for playing!
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Build info:
  • v0.1
    • Campaign mode with 9 levels
    • 2P Multiplayer with 4 arenas
    • Practice in the multiplayer arenas
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Re: Altercation

Post by yaros »

That's a nice entry. I'll play later with my partner. I feel this game is better experienced with another human :)
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Re: Altercation

Post by Bananmos »

Finally tried this and really loved it! Such a fun twist on the typical Asteroids clone : :D

Only downside is it was a bit on the short side... but OTOH it kept my interest high when there's other compo entries waiting. :wink:

Music was good too, simple classic NES instruments but a lot of character. :beer:
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