[demo] SNES Sonic

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Re: [demo] SNES Sonic

Post by Pokun »

I haven't followed any of Doug's guides from start to finish but I've looked into this one a bit before and I think it seems to be fine, other then the aesthetics. On the other hand Nerdy Nights is also pretty ugly using the back of Mario's head as the ball when demonstrating how to make Pong, despite a more appropriate ball graphics was included in the ripped SMB CHR that were used in the guide. I drew my own Pong graphics (which takes like 1 minute for anyone really) back in the day when I used that guide to learn because I couldn't stand this madness (and because I wanted to try using my own graphics).
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Re: [demo] SNES Sonic

Post by TheBrock9867 »

I can't wait to see this project through, this is one of the best if not the best thing to happen in the 2020s period.

I hope the project is going well cause I have tested it on RetroArch from my PC as well as my New Nintendo 2DS XL, and it works perfectly.

Hope to see some more news soon.
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Re: [demo] SNES Sonic

Post by Nikku4211 »

I mean, Tiago did say he didn't intend on porting the full Sonic game, and that this was just to test his engine, which he plans to use for a custom Sonic-like game with unspecified Donkey Kong Country-like elements.
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