VRC6 Audio in NES Homebrew?

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VRC6 Audio in NES Homebrew?

Post by ToxikkParadox666 »

Does anyone know of any homebrew that use VRC6 Audio? I know that Famitracker supports it but havent seen any sound drivers that support it.
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Re: VRC6 Audio in NES Homebrew?

Post by Drag »

There won't be many, because if you want to have a specific kind of expansion audio, you must use the cart mapper which contains that audio, and that's going to decide a lot more than just what the extra audio is; it determines whether you have a scanline counter, a cycle counter, how your program memory and character memory is laid out and what you can do with it, etc.

Therefore, you'll find much more homebrew music than homebrew games using expansion audio.

Though, I wish I could list some here anyway. :P
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Re: VRC6 Audio in NES Homebrew?

Post by calima »

Look at the Japanese ones. NESes requiring the bottom dongle mean nobody has bothered any distribution.
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Re: VRC6 Audio in NES Homebrew?

Post by TakuikaNinja »

Doesn't that Frog game use VRC6 audio?
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