New game: Tenebra!

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New game: Tenebra!

Post by Haplo »

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce my first NES game, Tenebra. It is a port of my popular game that has been released on multiple platforms. The ZX Spectrum version won the 2022 game of the year award in the puzzle category.

Tenebra is an atmospheric puzzle game. Guide the hapless protagonist to the exit. Poor guy is afraid of darkness and refuses to walk in the dark areas.

Get it from:


Move torches around, push lights on rails, find keys to doors, light up cold braziers, pass through archways that collapse behind you, find oil barrels to make your torches brighter, squeeze through cracks in broken walls, fix broken rails with a hammer, illuminate the sensors to open the exits... do whatever it takes to get out of there!



Porting this game to NES has been a fun journey, specially since the NES architecture is so different from all the other platforms that I have worked with before. A huge thanks goes to Fiskbit who patiently suffered my ignorance and provided advice that improved the game in many ways.

I hope you will enjoy it!
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Re: New game: Tenebra!

Post by rainwarrior »

Nice game. I got to level 11 so far.
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