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Re: Project Nested - NES emulator for SNES

Post by Memblers »

It should be possible to use an NES Zapper plugged into the SNES, using an adapter made out of NES/SNES controller extension cables. But I'm assuming Nested is reading directly from $4016/$4017. The delay patches already exist here:

More patches beyond this are required, however.
1) Instead of polling $4017 D3/D4, it can poll $4017 D0/D1.
2) If it polls for a fixed amount of time, this may need to be extended to match SNES frame timing

As for games that use vertical timing, the game-specific patching could be more work than I'd want to do. But I think it might be possible to wire the Zapper's light sensor up to the SNES port 2 to have it latch the H/V position. I'm not sure if the signal polarity is the same, if not the worst case you'd need an inverter in the adapter. But wired up like that, I think one could hack the game to use the V position instead of cycle timing.
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Re: Project Nested - NES emulator for SNES

Post by Pokun »

In my experience the Super Scope is normally cheaper than the Justifier, but both are something you would have to hunt for to pickup, they are not as common as the NES Zapper.
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Re: Project Nested - NES emulator for SNES

Post by Fisher »

I have tried to use a Zapper clone as Superscope in the past: viewtopic.php?t=24039

I've heard that the Master System's lightgun should have better precision, but in the end I found a Superscope that was like 1/5 the price of one, so I got it.
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Re: Project Nested - NES emulator for SNES

Post by Myself086 »

johannesmutlu wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 5:28 pm 1,why are nested 1,7 and 1,8 in mono??? Nested 1.5 and beyond were all in stereo,
There was a bug with the triangle channel that would set volume for one side twice instead of once per side.
johannesmutlu wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 5:28 pm 2,will you ever add light gun support for supported nes games before you would decide to move over to another project???
johannesmutlu wrote: Sun Sep 10, 2023 5:28 pm I ask this because you mentioned since nested 1.7 at that you would moved over to another project,but you did surprisingly and unexpectedly came up with nested 1.8 & 1.8.1
I moved to another SNES project in December 2022 for about 3 months before giving up on it. Then I moved over to Project Nested v1.8 while looking for another project to work on. I went back to an older project in June and I don't see anything stopping me.
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Re: Project Nested - NES emulator for SNES

Post by johannesmutlu »

WoooiW thanks for mentioning this,yeah it’s true that the nes and obviously it’s games weren’t designed with stereo in mind (despite the nes sound chip generates stereo internally for some reason,but about that triangle wave volume bug i personally did like that effect in previous versions of nested as it really gives that cool widening effects in games such as mario 3 with tunes like the fortress and world map 8 wich really makes it sounding more intimidating,well each their own taste,maybe adding a stereo option in nested 1.8.2 for those ones who wants stereo? (thus abling disabling that stereorish triangle wave volume bug)
Well about that lightgun support,yeah crt tv’s are slowly getting more rare and are expensive to ship and you have to hope for the best to not get damaged during shipping and only a few people on this planet could repair crt tv’s these days,-
Also those justifier guns are indeed more rare and expensive,
But maybe a nes to snes dongle adaptor with lightgun support as a cheap alternative for the justifier might be the solution for this aslong a real justifier can be used,
Sure those few nes games might be patchtible to use the superscope instead but i guess that might require more work then necessery,maybe optional trough different patches per game sothat both justifier and superscope users could play duckhunt or other supported nes games with it,
Sure it might be sound that all that worth it since only a few nes games do support the light gun but i suppose that there are many homebrew nes games supporting the lightgun,no it might be worth a try,
Note that i own 2 37 inch sony crt tv’s wich i use as little as much as i can as i want to crank it’s lifespan as much as possible,i also own a superscope ready to be used at any moment.
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