Sand Emperor (category2) update

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Sand Emperor (category2) update

Post by Ti_ »

This update makes this demo more user-friendly and fixes some bugs.

changelog demo5 28 feb 2021 -> demo5c 21 mar 2021:
+ 'bad' maps (with too low ground or spice blocks count) now regenerates to others.
+ maps with lower spice recieves more spice blooms.
+ extra radius of spice search for player harvesters.
+ added cancelling of unit/building that under construction state: select button in pause; + sfx when cancelling.
+ fixed - in rare cases, carryall endlessly flew around it's target.
+ fixed possible bug with cursor (cancelling enemy unit selection, while player placing building).
+ added loading map bar.
+ some changes in pathfinding.
+ non-empty player harvester now returns to refinery, if it can't find spice.
+ mission loading: walls blocks now properly loads if it's on screen (fixes freezing).
+ bug fixed: when target of unit is destroyed, while he's moving, he's no longer switches to guard script with continued moving.
+ troopers view sight now same as tanks.
+ random mirrored variations of enemy bases.
+ when building constructed you see text 'done', instead of price.
+ reinforcements now arrives near player base, instead of player start point.
+ main palette in romfile for pal/ntsc can be edited separately.
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Re: Sand Emperor (category2) update

Post by norill »

i love this :D
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Re: Sand Emperor (category2) update

Post by Ti_ »

I didn’t write here, there was another update with all mentats and heraldic graphics:

Changelog demo5d9 22 Apr 2021:
+ Added in-game house selection; house selection was removed from the title screen.
+ Added mentats for each of the houses.
+ Music: corrected sawtooth pitch in PAL mode.
+ Added options screen, music speed selection moved there.
+ Added game palette selection to the options screen.

It's in the "update by johnny" folder.

Control scheme for the this version:

Code: Select all

Title screen controls:
to the left, A, B - card number.
to the right - mission 1/2.
select - difficulty level/music test.

Controls in the options screen:
to the right - palette version.
left - music speed.

Game controls:
B - choice (same as A on Sega).
A - cancel (same as B on Sega).
select hold - fast cursor (similar to C on Sega).
select - building renovation.
start - pause / building menu / unit info.
start+select - show radar.

in pause (in the building menu):
left/right - select a unit/building to build.
select - cancel the construction of a building/unit.
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