Unable to send personal messages on the wiki

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Unable to send personal messages on the wiki

Post by tomodachi »

Hello everyone!

I just registered because I wanted to update something on the Nesdev Wiki (which states that one should contact fiskbit or lidnariq on the forum)

But the Forum doesn't allow me to send direct messages (perhaps my account is to new for that?)

Anyway perhaps the instruction https://www.nesdev.org/w/index.php?titl ... o=PowerPak could be updated to clarify
where /how this contact should take place.

And if anyone sees this message plz reach out so I can create a WIKI ccount

Yours truly

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Re: Unable to send personal messages on the wiki

Post by Fiskbit »

Hi, sorry about that! On the forums, we require approval of each new users' first post to prevent spam, and that (unfortunately) also prevents new users from sending private messages.

I've gone ahead and made a wiki account for you with info from your forum account. You should receive an email with login information. Let me know if you have any problems!
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