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Re: Mesen - Emulator

Post by Sour »

BenderScruffy wrote: Mon May 13, 2024 2:22 am Akumajou Dracula - Shikkoku Taru Zensoukyoku - Dark Night Prelude (Japan) (SGB Enhanced).gb
in SGB mode the nintendo logo is corrupt
Thanks! This should be fixed now. The issue with SML2 should also be fixed.
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Re: Mesen - Emulator

Post by BenderScruffy »

Konami GB Collection Vol.1 (Japan) (SGB Enhanced).gb
in SGB mode graphics glitches down the bottom of the screen when you choose any game
Daiku no Gen-san - Robot Teikoku no Yabou (Japan).gb (Gensan 2)
speech during gameplay is way to soft to hear still needs to be sorted

Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible (Japan).gb
Megami Tensei Gaiden - Last Bible II (Japan).gb
the effect on the title screen is not correct
Konami-Collection-1-A.gif (7.92 KiB) Viewed 526 times
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Re: Mesen - Emulator

Post by theanhlk95 »

Seiken Densetsu 3/Trials of Mana
The music is buggy when in the charater select screen. It sounds very noisy and unbearable.
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Re: Mesen - Emulator

Post by gzip »

Hey Sour,

Any chance you'll be able to get to some of the pull requests on Github? I have a few other changes I'd like to submit but don't want to overwhelm what's already there. I already have 4 in the queue and I've been using them all in my local build.
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Re: Mesen - Emulator

Post by badgertapes »


While using the emulator with bilinear interpolation turned on, I noticed a very faint vertical "tear" line running down the dead center of the screen (enlarge above image to see detail. it is most noticeable in comparing the squares on the checkerboard floor)

My display is 1920x1080. I have "Auto" aspect ratio set, as I prefer playing with the NTSC/PAL aspect ratios. At some window sizes, namely odd ones (e.g. 3x) this is less visible. I did not notice this tear in the 4:3 or 16:9 modes. Enabling sRGB bilinear interpolation does not remove the tear. Filters can help disguise but not remove the tear.

Does anyone else see this on their end?
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