my second game

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my second game

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its a proud to anunciate that my second game its finish!
I'm in a point of start to write assemble code too mucha better that in the first game, soo that one is very better, some phisics dont works like I expected but I never wish to be a profesional developer soo for me its very enough for sure,anyway I think that game its suficient good to deserve a version revised someday...
#hidden treausres

Edit: I made a little adjustment in the init sector of the code and I already have a 0.2 version that works better in everdrives and in 100% of the emulators(the first version works in 85%) if someone wants that version more acurate please contact me through that e-mail:
and I will send the ver.0.2 of the game
hidden treasures ver.0.1.nes
(256.02 KiB) Downloaded 97 times

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