Simple button logger tool

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Simple button logger tool

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Inputing the famous code.
Inputing the famous code.
button-logger-screenshot.jpg (28.69 KiB) Viewed 7459 times
I made this simple tool so that I can start to figure out how deal with action ambiguities caused by sloppy and messy button input.
The program traces 12 buttons (SNES pad) of the second gamepad down each column, 1 pixel sliver per frame. The screen holds 320 frames of button data (which is a little more then 5 seconds). Additionally the zapper trigger is traced on the last column.

bug: Due to a typo at line 212 in the source code posted here, the zapper needs to be plugged into the first controller port. I didn't want to reupload the code yet, just for that.

The first gamepad is used to control the tracer:
  • A: Pauses and continues from pause.
  • B: Flags the system to pause at the next side switch, and on pause sets a trigger condition for input from gamepad 2.
  • Start: Pauses only when the button is held down. Good for the slow button on the NES Advantage.
Changes from last version:
  • gamepads swaped, gamepad 1 controls the tracer, and gamepad 2 is logged. This change is because Start and Select on gamepad 1 can open up the Power mappers menu.
  • Completely different operation of the tracer control.
  • A 1 px mini ruler is now between all columns. This makes counting pixels easier with photos of TVs.
  • Current tracer position is now visible.
Program takes 512 bytes of ROM and 8 bytes of RAM.

Note: I decided to re-post the whole thread rather then edit it. the previous deleted thread of this was originally posted on Jun 15, 2016 and had 14 downloads.
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