Super City Mayor (GGJ2020 entry)

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Super City Mayor (GGJ2020 entry)

Post by cpow »

Super City Mayor

You're the mayor (and deputy, if two player) of a small town that's falling apart. Do your best to repair the breaking buildings (walk to, face, press A) before time runs out. Fix them all, and your approval rating will improve, but entropy will quickly increase as levels progress and you'll find yourself struggling to keep up with the repairs.

A game made in 44 hours (or so) at Global Game Jam 2020 by @cpow, @slembcke, @infiniteneslives, and Mark LaCroix. Beautiful cartridge art provided by Kirstine.

<aside>Finally, after 15 years of working on it, I can claim to have helped make a game using nesicide! :beer:</aside>
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Re: Super City Mayor (GGJ2020 entry)

Post by slembcke »

It was great jamming with nesdev folks in meat space. :D

Also, running the game on an everdrive was neat, but with @infiniteneslives on the team we had a real working cartridge at the end. :D

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Re: Super City Mayor (GGJ2020 entry)

Post by Erockbrox »

This is a very fun and cool little game.

- Strong points -

The game is easy to pick up and play and simple to understand. It's probably really fun with two players.

- Weak points-

The player feels like he is on a grid the entire time but also that the grid is hard to navigate on. The player controls should feel smooth like Pac-Man on the arcade, but they don't. Game play becomes very repetitive quickly. The game play could be spiced up with an enemy on the screen slowing you down and a speed powerup which appears randomly.

Overall not bad for a game jam. With just a few more little things added to it like powerups and enimes and smoother navigation the game could be a real charm. Keep it up!
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