Veggie Invaders

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Veggie Invaders

Post by dustmop »

Hi yall!

Got started on this kinda late and submitted at just the last minute, but here's my submission for the 2019 compo. It's a top-down 8-way scrolling action game based on the concept of "a projectile that let's you play Snake". The engine is a bit rough but works overall pretty well, I think I want to polish it up a bit now that the contest is over, just to fix some of the attribute bugs.

A bunch of content also had to get dropped to meet the deadline, like sound effects, enemies shooting fireballs, the projectile being unable to run into own trail. But even still I hope people enjoy it!

Alien Vegetables have kidnapped your dog! But they left something behind, a technological frisbee that's key to the rescue. Veggie Invaders in a top-down scrolling adventure featuring cute graphics, fun music, and fast-paced action.

Controls: D-pad to move. A or B button to throw your frisbee or turn it while in motion.

art by Chris Hernandez
music by Anthony Swinnich
programming by Dustin Long
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Re: Veggie Invaders

Post by na_th_an »

I love the visuals. And the 4-way scroller is impressive. I'll try to find some time to try how it plays soon.
Good job,
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Re: Veggie Invaders

Post by ShiningBZH »

Hello , i like your game but seems that the DB-15 Controller port isn't working on it !
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Re: Veggie Invaders

Post by drludos »

I love the idea, very original! I'll try it ASAP on my NES :)!
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