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Desert Bus 3D

Posted: Tue Oct 18, 2022 3:26 pm
by RetroPixelGamesStud
Desert Bus 3D


Desert Bus 3D is an NES game developed by Retro Pixel Games Studio, inspired by the "Desert Bus" minigame from Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors. Drive a Bus from Tuscan, Arazona to Los Vegas, Nevada in real time. The trip requires several continuous play hours to complete.

Board: NROM-128
Size: 16 KiB PRG, 8 KiB CHR
Players: 1
Controllers: Standard controller
License: MIT

External links
* Retro Pixel Games Studio Home Page
* Desert Bus Home Page

Re: Desert Bus 3D

Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2022 3:09 am
by ninja_kun
Seems to be broken.. 404s on the page.

How about providing a .nes file?