alleviating board clutter

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alleviating board clutter

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I hadn't registered until now because I thought my posts would be confined to one thread, possibly to only a few posts. But now I'm starting to clutter up the board, so I've registered so I can edit posts. I also created this thread so I can stop cluttering up others with my lovely double and triple posts.

Now then.

I'm having a friend mod my NES so I can get the proper balance with the sound in Akumajo Densetsu, since the AV Famicom seems to output back to the cartridge at a lower volume. I can only find one Famicom-to-NES converter and it probably doesn't have a lockout key chip. My questions are:

1. Do I really need a converter with a key chip in it, or can't one pin just be cut in the NES to eliminate the need for said chip?

2. Is there any way I could find any kind of diagram or anything other than the single photograph provided in the "NES Modifications" thread to futher help my friend with modding the NES, cutting the pin, and modding the converter?

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I broke the pin off the IC with needle-nosed pliers, and that effectively disabled the lockout function. I can't guarantee it will work in other NESes, though, so do it at your own risk.

The chip is labeled "3193A" "1986 Nintendo" "8907 A". The pin is on the bottom(when in a normal position to read the text on the chip), fourth from the left and fifth from the right.
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