an interview with Chuck Peddle - architect of the 6502

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an interview with Chuck Peddle - architect of the 6502

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This a recent interview, and I thought many people here would be interested:
part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

If you have any interest in the history of computers, or even just the origin of the 6502, this is fascinating to listen to. He's the father of the home microcomputer as we know it (what has become the 'PC' of today) - compared to using a "dumb terminal" where the machine you use is merely an I/O device connected to a real computer which is located elsewhere. Strangely it seems that some folks now want to return us to that system with what they now call "cloud computing". I can understand it may be useful in some cases, but in general I'm concerned it may become an affront to our freedom and privacy as computer users.

The cheapest CPU back then was the $300+ Motorola 6800 (which Chuck Peddle also worked on the design of), he left Motorola to design the 6502 which was introduced at $25. Where would the computer industry be today, without his contributions? The NES couldn't have existed, nor the Apple, Atari 2600 and 8-bit line, the C64, the SNES, and everything those systems had led to.
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Awesome, I look forward to listening to these! Thanks for posting.
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Peddle sounds a bit...... what's the word, nerdy and hard to understand? Chuck really had his story laid out quite well like he tells it often.

Interesting interview thanks for the link, though I've only listened to the first part. Was anyone else going "imagine if I was born in the 40s-60s" when Chuck kept talking about patents? I mean a lot of his "ideas" are just general things most people would "invent" once working in that field. Of course I really dislike the idea of patents so maybe I'm a little biased, they are a classic case of AGEISM.
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